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White-collar crimes defense often begins before charges

On Behalf of | May 22, 2023 | Criminal Defense

You do not have to wait until you are charged with a crime to take legal action. In fact, defense strategies for white-collar crimes often begin when there are indications that an individual or business is being investigated. As such, it often pays to be proactive and one step ahead of law enforcement when it comes to protecting your rights.

Under investigation

At Barnes & Diehl, P.C., our law firm understands the confusion and anxiety that often follows the news that you or your company is being investigated for a white-collar crime. As such, our attorneys are available to provide legal guidance and representation prior to a charge or indictment. Our goal is to put a halt to prosecution, and thus prevent charges from ever being filed.

Whether you are being investigated for or accused of embezzlement, fraud, Medicare or Medicaid fraud, identity theft, credit card fraud or tax fraud, it is imperative to take immediate action. Not only are you faced with harsh penalties, such as imprisonment and fines, your personal and professional reputations are also on the line.

Defense action

It is an overwhelming situation when the FBI serves you or your company with a search warrant. It is important to have a legal professional assess the validity of a search warrant, subpoena or other official communication prior to taking action. This helps ensure your rights are protected through all phases of the matter.

White-collar crimes are often complex, involving numerous laws and allegations. As such, it is important that you fully understand the matter and the available options for asserting a defense. A legal professional could help you better assess the situation and how best to protect your rights and interests.