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Experienced Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Virginia

The stakes are much higher in the federal criminal court system than in state or local courts. Many offenses carry harsh mandatory minimum sentences. A conviction for a federal offense can put an individual’s freedom at risk as well as their reputation, family relations and other personal areas of life.

To maximize your chances of a favorable outcome in a federal criminal case, it is important to consult with an experienced federal criminal defense attorney as soon as you become aware of investigations against you. Our lead criminal defense attorneys at Barnes & Diehl, Michael HuYoung and Craig W. Sampson, have extensive experience in defending clients facing high-profile federal criminal charges in Richmond and statewide in Virginia.

Our federal criminal defense lawyers provide relentless defense against all types of federal charges, such as:

  • Federal drug conspiracy and other federal drug charges
  • Federal weapons charges
  • Medicare fraud, tax fraud and other fraud charges
  • Other federal white collar crimes

Aggressive Pre-Charge Defense In Federal Cases

Early involvement is vital in federal criminal cases. The federal government has immeasurable resources to investigate and prosecute federal crimes. Therefore, by the time charges or indictments are filed, the government often has the evidence needed.

Our ability to get involved in the pre-charge and pre-indictment phases of a case frequently enables us to keep the prosecutor from moving forward when we demonstrate the lack of admissible evidence against our client.

Pursuing Sentence Reductions In Federal Cases

In some cases, even the most vigorous attempts to suppress evidence on constitutional grounds or bring compelling defense strategies are unsuccessful. In these cases – either following a guilty plea or following a jury trial – the individual faces a sentencing hearing at which a judge will determine the outcome. While United States sentencing guidelines provide a reference and starting point for judges to base their decision, it is possible to obtain a downward departure from the federal sentencing guidelines in certain situations.

Our Virginia federal criminal defense attorneys have the experience, knowledge and skill to provide effective representation at this stage of federal criminal cases. We work diligently to minimize any potential consequences our clients may face.

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