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Marriage requires trust, hope and faith. For some couples, considering a premarital agreement demonstrates that they trust each other to act fairly – and wish to spell out their financial expectations through an enforceable, personalized contract. If a prenuptial agreement is properly done, a couple entering into marriage will have written proof that both understood their agreement.

In marriage, two individuals are united not only in identity but also in legal and financial aspects. A premarital agreement can stipulate how property will be controlled upon the death of one party, as well as in case of a divorce down the road.

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Does Preparation Of A Premarital Agreement Predict Divorce?

Most engaged couples do not anticipate divorce as a likely eventuality in their relationship. There are times, however, when it makes sense to consider some of the “what if” questions:

  • One or the other of the future spouses may have large assets.
  • A father or mother who is engaged may wish to protect family property (real estate, heirlooms or cash assets) for future inheritance by children born of any previous relationship(s).
  • One or the other of the engaged people may own or co-own a business or investments.
  • Older couples may have well-established assets and decide not to commingle existing premarital property.

Through a premarital agreement, an engaged couple can craft their own marital contract that will take into account personal or unique factors in a marriage. The question of whether to put a premarital agreement in place belongs to no one else than the couple themselves.

A lawyer cannot tell a client whether he or she should have a prenup in place before marriage — but the lawyer can listen, analyze, educate and advise a client who is considering signing such a document.

Many couples find the process of discussing a possible prenuptial agreement to be helpful in clarifying a common understanding. At Barnes & Diehl, we practice a team approach that gives clients access to a wealth of legal knowledge and experience.

Questions And Topics To Consider When Contemplating A Prenuptial Agreement

When engaged Virginians contact Barnes & Diehl, requesting counsel or representation in the creation or formalization of a premarital agreement, we are prepared to offer personalized advice based on experience, the law and the couple’s unique circumstances such as the following:

Similar questions may arise during a marriage — perhaps in connection with a reconciliation, an inheritance or a business venture. A post-marital agreement can codify the understanding between a husband and a wife regarding property issues such as business interests.

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An attorney from Barnes & Diehl, is a valuable source of information and assistance for engaged individuals or married individuals who wish to craft customized agreements about control of assets during a marriage or dispersal in the unlikely event of a divorce. We will help you identify the key issues and take appropriate action.

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