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When children spend a lot of time with their grandparents or are even being raised by grandparents, it can be devastating for both the grandparent and grandchild for that relationship to suddenly be severed.

At Barnes & Diehl, our Richmond grandparent rights attorneys offer compassionate and experienced legal guidance to grandparents seeking to obtain visitation rights, custody rights or other involvement in the lives of their grandchildren. We offer a longstanding family law practice that is devoted to guiding clients through the intimidating legal system.

Virginia Child Custody Lawyers Who Will Help You Understand Your Rights As A Grandparent

Family law attorneys at our law firm have a comprehensive understanding of the laws affecting grandparents’ rights. In fact, Virginia does not have a specific statute governing a grandparent’s right to visitation or custody. Rather, Virginia’s child custody laws govern the legal rights of parents and all “persons of legitimate interest” such as grandparents. Therefore, the same standard used in child custody disputes – the best interests of the child – is used in grandparent rights disputes along with numerous factors considered by the court to determine what the best interests of the children are.

Obtaining grandparent rights can be extremely difficult if a child’s parent objects to the child’s involvement or interaction with the child’s grandparent. Generally, the court will side with the parent in such a case. However, there are situations where a court may find that it is in the child’s best interest to continue an ongoing relationship with a grandparent. Such situations may include:

  • When a child is being temporarily or permanently removed from the custody of parents due to abuse or neglect and the grandparent wishes to obtain legal guardianship or custody
  • When a child’s parent is hospitalized or incarcerated, and the grandparent is willing to stand in as a temporary custodian
  • When a grandparent has had significant involvement in the grandchild’s life and severing that relationship would be harmful to the grandchild

At Barnes & Diehl, we are dedicated to finding solutions that preserve your goals and the interests of the children involved. An experienced custody and grandparent rights attorney from our offices will draft, review and file all necessary motions according to the laws of Virginia, your legal goals and the child’s best interests.

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