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Military Divorce Retirement Issues

If either you or your spouse is serving or has served in any branch of the armed forces, your financial picture as you approach divorce will require distinct consideration of retirement benefits and health insurance coverage. Whether the military spouse served in reserves, is on active duty, or is retired, family law attorneys at Barnes & Diehl, are experienced and prepared to make sure that you are aware of all benefits that you and your spouse may be entitled both before and after a divorce. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Digging into the details of your or your husband’s (or wife’s) benefits may include an examination of the following:

  • Retirement benefits and military qualifying court orders
  • Former spouse survivor annuities
  • Health insurance through TRICARE

Perhaps your military spouse was already retired at the time of your separation. If he (or she) made certain elections at that time, those elections may not be modifiable. Uncovering these details is one of the ways that a lawyer with experience in military divorces is prepared to assist before and during settlement negotiations.

How Our Attorneys Can Help Protect Your Interests

To help our clients understand negotiating points before mediation or other forms of settlement negotiations, our family law attorneys prepare easy-to-understand charts that allow for the manipulation of various “what if” scenarios. Where the military spouse has choices of how to allocate survivor benefits, for example, that may be used as a bargaining chip to be balanced against other factors such as college tuition assistance for children.

Are you and your military spouse considering trying a “do-it-yourself” divorce? While we understand your desire to limit legal costs, we urge you to be careful not to overlook key assets such as military pensions and life insurance survivor benefits.

Schedule A Consultation On Military Divorce In Virginia

An attorney from Barnes & Diehl, is a valuable source of information and assistance for people preparing to finalize a divorce in Virginia where one or both spouses have served in the armed forces. Our team approach offers value and depth to the process of identifying important factors to figure into asset distribution and divorce planning.

Talk with a Virginia attorney early in your divorce planning process. Contact us at our Richmond metro offices in Chesterfield and Henrico today. Ask for a review of your options and the most advisable strategies in your military divorce. Call 800-626-9310​ or complete our online inquiry form to reach us.