A Tradition Of Experience And Devotion To Family Law

Child Custody Counsel And Other Family Law Services Since 1978

Barnes & Diehl, has a tradition of experience and devotion to family law. Since 1978, our attorneys and legal staff have provided exemplary legal services for clients throughout Virginia seeking a timely, cost-effective resolution to child custody or support issues. In addition, we pride ourselves on a compassionate family practice devoted to guiding parents through an intimidating legal system.

In The Best Interest Of The Child

There is no greater fear for a parent than the prospect of losing contact or involvement with a child after a divorce. Financial considerations and personal feelings between partners may also come into play, causing one or the other to use a child custody or support agreement to punish a former partner for perceived wrongs during the marriage.

The state of Virginia has very specific regulations regarding financial and personal considerations, using what they term “the best interests of the child.” It is our goal at Barnes & Diehl, to assist you in reaching a fair settlement with your former spouse that maintains your relationship with your child and avoids potentially harmful issues in the future.

Enforcement And Modification Of Decrees

At Barnes & Diehl, a custody attorney from our offices will draft, review and file all necessary motions according to your legal goals and the laws of Virginia. When an issue arises, we are able to respond quickly to file for emergency and restraining orders and can address post-judgment issues related to remarriage, relocation and adoption.

Criminal Defense For Domestic Abuse Charges

Child custody and support issues often involve substantial acrimony between former partners, leading to false or retaliatory accusations of domestic abuse, sexual assault or child molestation on the part of one parent seeking to gain an advantage in child custody or support proceedings.

Our criminal defense group is skilled at investigating these claims and has a substantial and successful record of favorable resolutions. Visit our criminal defense page for more information.

Contact A Lawyer For Guidance And Support

Barnes & Diehl, maintains convenient offices in the Richmond metro, in Chesterfield and Henrico, to better serve clients in Richmond and throughout Virginia seeking quality legal advice during a child custody or support action.

Call us at 800-626-9310​ or email us to contact a child custody attorney from our office today for a consultation and review of your rights and the timely conclusion of serious family law issues.