A Team Approach

Virginia Family Law Firm

A "Team Approach" to representation on divorce, adoption, child custody and other Family issues

Being a firm that has a long standing tradition of experience and devotion to Family Law requires us to develop and implement new reporting and communication processes to ensure effective client interaction and the timely, cost-effective resolution of our client's legal issues.

At the Richmond offices of Barnes & Diehl, P.C., we practice a "Team Approach" to client service where every member of our staff, from the attorney to paralegals and administrative staff, are held responsible and accountable for maintaining our high standards of service and result during a family issues, including divorce, child custody and adoption.

At Barnes & Diehl, P.C., you can be assured that your case is being monitored from beginning to end, with critical landmarks noted and addressed at all times. Many times a larger law firm can become bogged down in redundant layers of communication and a lack of ownership" of a particular client, resulting in missed deadlines and communication errors that cost the client time and money.

Our "Team Approach" assigns specific responsibilities to both lawyers and staff members to ensure that all legal and administrative functions are resolved on time and in keeping with our client's needs and goals. The legal process is complex and confusing - you will require a law firm capable of clearly and consistently explaining you rights and options. We feel this is the only way to ensure we maintain a high standard of quality legal services and that our clients understand their rights, their options and the consequences of their decisions.

Barnes & Diehl, P.C. "Team Approach":

  • Quick response to changing circumstances
  • Timely facilitation of administrative issues
  • Consistent monitoring of case status
  • Prompt answers to clients questions from staff or attorneys
  • Non-legal assistance where necessary, including counseling or medical care
  • Post-judgment assistance


Barnes & Diehl, P.C. legal team is available today to assist you with a Virginia Family Law issue or issues. CONTACT our Chesterfield/Richmond, Henrico or Hanover office today for a Team Consultation from an experienced Virginia Family lawyer.

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