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When we counsel clients who are approaching divorce in Virginia, we often pose this question: "Do you envision a day when you would both want to be invited to your children's wedding?" Clients who are parents soon understand the idea that they will remain family members of the same children and grandchildren in spite of their own separation and divorce. It is a good idea for separating parents to learn how to peacefully revamp their relationship as "exes" of each other.

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One of the most effective paths to a peaceful resolution in Virginia divorce is the collaborative law process. In collaborative law, divorcing couples work together to meet mutually beneficial or at least mutually agreeable decisions on matters involving:

Couples who commit to following the collaborative law path agree to settle their differences out of court. They agree to fully disclose all assets. There is a policy of transparency and good faith throughout the divorce settlement negotiations. The parties agree to make cooperation and respect their guiding principles. This allows couples to reach a creative resolution rather than relegating decisions to a court.

Advantages of Collaborative Divorce

The payoff of the collaborative law process? Ideally, a divorcing couple arrives at an agreement that protects the interests of every member of the family. A divorce settlement agreement can be uniquely suited to a particular couple or family, taking into account assets and goals that are most important to each. Through collaborative law methods, couples can try to maximize retention of resources for family members and minimize attorneys' fees and tax liability.

In collaborative law, you and your spouse will meet with your respective attorneys for settlement agreement conferences. You may also engage additional professionals, such as child specialists or real estate appraisers. You will rely on one neutral expert rather than two separate advisors as you decide on a fair settlement.

Participants in collaborative law agree that if negotiations break down, they will need to begin the process again with new lawyers. This outcome is very rare with the collaborative cases.

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